Who We Are


  • To provide excellence in education on a solid Biblical foundation.


  • Summit Christian School strives to be a school that makes Biblical and academic pursuits engaging so that students will learn, grow, and impact the world for Christ.


  • Dream vividly, learn courageously and live boldly for Christ.

Finch Home

“Summit Christian School provides a Biblical, Christ-centered education that inspires young men and women to develop and apply their unique God-given talents, enabling them to be a blessing wherever God takes them.”

Summit Christian School is a Registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Monday Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza and Salad
Tuesday Chick-Fil-A Nuggets or Slider Sandwich, Carrots and Chips
Wednesday Pasta and Salad
Thursday Chick-Fil-A Nuggets or Slider Sandwich, Carrots and Chips
Friday Ham or Turkey Subs (w/cheese) and Chips
Beverages Orange juice, milk, and chocolate milk are available for purchase


Principal’s Club Members

Ter Nay Gay, Eh Soe, Hae Blu Moo Thaw, Moo Kay Base, Ah May Zon, Moo Thaw Thaw, Gavin Black, Paw Eh Plar Soe, Emma Wah, Mystery Wah.

 Caught Being Good Brigade


Zane Lewis, Tyler Wilson, Ter Nay Gay, Sabian Odums, Xzeiria Love, Andantino Saw, Savannah Curto, Andantino Saw, Tanner Smith, Gavin Black, Tori Black, Marlin Livingston, Hae Blu Moo Thaw, Bella Gomez, Pay Htoo Say, Eh Hser Moo, Moo Thaw Thaw, Marlin Livingston, Lal Tluang, Moo Thaw Thaw, Chr Heh Moo, My’Joy Travis, Peniel Agbor-Baiyee, Eh Ter Ler Thaw, Josie Godwin, Grace Fleser, Eh Law Saw(Eh Soe), Has Ehler Dah, Mystery Way, Paw Ku Shee, James Tolmachev, Alex Mang, Cheyenne Demastus, Lah Poe Law Eh, Devin Harris, Donavan Harris, Christian Henry, Fifth Grade class, James Tolmachev, Troy Starks, Ah May Zon, Paw Plar Ka Pru Soe, Gavin Black, Gabriel Adams, Crystopher Henry, Christian Henry, Ana Hernandez, Gracemary Biswa, Donovan Harris, Devin Harris, Julia Lamtman, Niyah Washington, Craig Hargrove.


Gavin Thomas, Christian Crews, Savannah Curto, Eh Keller Htoo, Donovan Willis, Devin Harris, Natu’Ral Betts, Chayce Brantley, Maggie Tolmachev, Cheyenne Demastus, Paw Wah Shi Mue Sar, Cody Brantley, Ja’mya Peacock, Jon’ti Taylor, Pay Htoo Paw, Hsa Ehser Byu, Emma Wah, Marlin Livingston, Westin Miller, Isaac Htoo, Hae Blu Moo Thaw, Cassidy Roberts, John Dah, Josh Reothel, Chri Heh Moo, Daniel Wuest, Gavin Black, Desman Tucker, Po Lwe Nay Soe, Noah Spy-Fubler.


Noah Spy-Fubler, Devin Harris, Ahsana Joe, Gavin Thomas, Chloe Bosley, Peniel Agbor-Baiyee, Ju Re Too, Alex Mang, Ter Nay Gay, Prabin Rai, Devin Harris, Tyler Epps, Kaytee Tyler, Ci’enna Jackson, Kaiana Tucker, My’Joy Travis, Bella Gomez, Gavin Black, Donovan Willis, Miracle Henry, Mystery Way, Ja’Mya Peacock, Eh Sher Htoo, Lah Poe Law Eh, Chrystopher Henry.


Hannah Port, Donovan Harris, Simon McClendon, Mari Pickett, Ja’Mya Peacock, Zi Nun Mawi, Joshua Dah, John Dah, Kenzington Viers, Kobe Spy-Jackson, Esther Mawi, Joshua Jacobs.