Daily Uniform

ALL STUDENTS Pants/Shorts Dockers style (no cargo pockets)shorts must be mid-thigh length or longer navy or khaki
ALL STUDENTS Shirts long or short sleeve polo navy, gray, or primary red
ALL STUDENTS Sweaters cardigan or pullover (no fleece) navy, gray, primary red or white
ALL STUDENTS Sweatshirts SCS logo sweatshirt only or SCS logo fleece pullover (ordered through SCS in the fall)
ALL STUDENTS Shoes running/athletic shoes; fashion boots (pants UNTUCKED from boots); sandals with straps or buckles (NO FLIP FLOPS OR SLIDES); dress shoes (heels no higher than 1″)
ALL STUDENTS Socks navy, gray, primary red, black or white (ideally without a pattern on them)
ALL STUDENTS Belts belts must be worn if pants have belt loops black, brown, navy, gray, primary red or white
GIRLS Skirts wrap around style only for 3rd–8th only                               *must not be shorter than top of knee SCS plaid only
GIRLS Jumper kindergarten – 2nd only                                                   *must not be shorter than top of knee SCS plaid only
GIRLS Leggings/Tights can be worn only under skirt/jumper                                *must be capri or ankle length navy, gray, primary red or white (ideally without a pattern on them)

Misc/Accessory Guidelines:

Hair must be natural in color, well groomed and not a distraction.   Boys’ hair must not be touching the top of the ears or top of the shirt collar.

Make-up can only be worn by female students in 6th – 8th grade and must be light/tasteful.

Earrings cannot be worn by male students. K – 5th grade female students may wear post earrings only.  6th – 8th female students may wear simply, dangling earrings.

Uniforms must be clean, free from holes/excessive wear, and fit the student properly.

Weather, and common sense, should dictate when shorts will be worn to school.

Students may wear undershirts, however, it must follow the shirt color guidelines and are NOT to show from under the polo shirt sleeves.

Winter boots may only be worn to and from school and at recess time.  Students must bring regular shoes to change into for class time.


“Dress Your Own Way Day” Guidelines:

On the days when our students are rewarded with a “DYOWD”, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • No worldly logos, words or pictures
  • No tears/holes
  • Not excessively tight or baggy clothing
  • No flip flops
  • No tank tops
  • Rules of modesty are a must